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Down Home Hunting With Hunter Crowman
This kid can sure call them in!
Hunter Crowman � Champion Turkey Caller

Hunter and his father, Steve, ventured out from Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania to hunt Merriam turkey. Hunter and Steve stayed at Bud and Sandy Hamaker�s �Down Home� Ranch Guest House. This was Hunter�s first trip to Northwestern Nebraska. When asked why they chose to come to Crawford, they said it was because the tags were reasonable and were able to get three turkeys. They said the Nebraska Games and Parks Commission was very kid friendly. Also, this was a beautiful area and lots to see and do.

Hunter is 12 years old and is the Amateur Champion Turkey Caller in New York State and received 2nd in his home state of Pennsylvania this year. This is his 3rd year to compete. He hopes to be able to attend the national finals held in Nashville, Tennessee and put on by the National Wild Turkey Federation.

Hunter started getting interested in calling and hunting turkey when he was 7 years old and going with his dad. He said he learned to call turkey from his dad and Dakota Clouser, who is 7 time National Champion. He said he spent hours on the phone with Dakota practicing calls prior to his competitions.

Hunter and Steve both said they enjoyed hunting in the Panhandle. They said the Merriam Turkey and their Eastern Turkey were very similar, but they thought the Merriams were a little easier to call in. They said the Easterns would not cross a canyon or a different terrain when called, but they were surprised to be able to get the Merriams to do that. They use an aluminum over slate call they made themselves to do most of their calling. They also use a box call and a mouth call.

Hunter says he wants to come back next year. He not only enjoyed the hunting, but he liked staying at �Down Home.� He got to feed the chickens and gather the eggs and eat fresh eggs. He also bottle fed a lamb and baby calf and held a baby duck!

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